Where to play

The basics

Trouble in Terrorist Town is built inside Garry’s Mod using assets from Counter-Strike Source. As a result you need those two games installed to play. The good news is that TTT itself is entirely free.

So, the steps are:

  1. You need Steam, which you probably have already.
  2. You need to own Garry’s Mod on Steam and install it. TTT is included.
  3. You need to own Counter-Strike: Source on Steam as well, and it has to be installed. Garry’s Mod will automatically be able to use assets (maps, models, textures) from CS:S for TTT.
  4. Start up GMod look for a multiplayer game under the TTT section.

Both GMod and CS:S are on sale quite often for a few bucks each.


There are no official TTT servers. All servers are run and supported by their own communities.

TTT is easy to expand and modify, so many servers have unique take on the game. This can range from a few extra weapons to major gameplay changes. Servers do this to attract players with unique content, and to keep the game varied. As a result it can be difficult to find a server where you can play unmodified TTT as it was originally intended. Filtering on “vanilla” can sometimes work.

Because TTT is a social game, it matters who you play with and what kind of rules the server enforces. TTT is originally a fairly “fast and loose” game, but some servers have strict rules that you will want to read. You may have to search a bit to find a server that matches how you enjoy playing the game.