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Trouble in Terrorist Town v4

posted Jul 29, 2010, 4:20 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 4:

- The Noclip key, bound to V by default, now switches to slot 7 and back, much like the gravgun key in HL2DM. The command is ttt_equipswitch.

- Moved the mute team key for spectators to F2, from Alt, to avoid issues when alt-tabbing.

- Added the command ttt_quickslot <number> to instantly switch to a given slot without using the menu.

- Equipment Menu now closes automatically on round end, and the DNA Scanner menu closes properly when the weapon is removed (due to a new round starting).

- Reduced Magneto-stick pushing range, and added a little effect when holding an item.

- Fixed a longstanding issue in the Magneto-stick that caused carried objects to jitter, which in turn made them drop easily. This fix should help ragdoll carrying.

- Fixed traitor crosshairs not being red.

- Fixed death by crushing damage showing a weapon in the search result, and not having its own description in the round report.

- Fixed DNA Scanner and Binoculars model being visible in places they shouldn't.

- Fixed knives in corpses being carryable.

- Fixed Lua error in teleporter effects in a rare case.

- Added hook: TTTDelayRoundStartForVote. It's called before a new round starts, if the hook returns true the round will be delayed 30 seconds (and then the hook is checked again). Use this with the TTTEndRound hook for running map votes after a round.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v4
Bad King Urgrain,
Jul 29, 2010, 4:20 AM