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Trouble in Terrorist Town v220210

posted Feb 22, 2010, 10:13 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog, v220210:

- Added Binoculars, a Detective item:
  * Powerful zooming, four levels of zoom.
  * Can perform body searches at long range: aim at a corpse, click, and hold your aim on the corpse for a few seconds.
  * Long range search works exactly like normal search, the body is identified and a search result window is shown.

- Removed Teleporter from the Detective equipment choices. It is now Traitor-only.

- Removed Footstep Scanner because it was useless due to technical limitations.

- Added an icon only shown for Detectives to the target ID of corpses, when they have been searched by a Detective already.

- Added hint text only shown for Traitors or Detectives to target ID of corpses that have unspent credits on them, so players know to search those and get the goods.

- Searching a Detective's corpse will now show him as detective in the death confirmation message and in the body search results, instead of showing as innocent.

- Fixed Detective's name being green instead of blue in his Last Words.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v220210