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Trouble in Terrorist Town v200210

posted Feb 20, 2010, 8:27 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Changelog for v200210:

- Overhauled Weapon Examiner detective equipment, turning it into a DNA sampler:
  * Collect DNA samples from players, and from loose weapons/items.
  * Test if a player sample and item sample match to find out if that player used the item.
  * Items such as knives in corpses and defused C4 all have DNA of the traitor who used them on it. Radios do not.
  * Traitors can avoid being discovered by hiding the evidence and preventing detectives with samplers from getting close to them (which they need to be in order to collect a sample from a player).
  * The DNA sampler can only hold 5 human samples at once for balance reasons. The limit on samples from items is 25, for technical reasons. These limits are separate from each other, you can have 5 players and 25 item samples in there.

- Detectives now receive credit reward upon traitor death, and therefore do not have to find the corpse.

- Optimised icon filesize significantly (roughly 150KB in total) by removing excess data from VTFs (unused auto-generated thumbnails and mipmaps).

Trouble in Terrorist Town v200210