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Trouble in Terrorist Town v19

posted Nov 2, 2010, 1:48 PM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 19 comes with GMod update 109. Changes:

New features
  • Knife now kills instantly if thrown into a target that is some distance away. It flies faster than before, making such throws a bit easier to make as well.
  • The Poltergeist can now charge up to make long-range shots (yellow beam) using secondary fire.
  • Two round highlight awards were added for players who die at unfortunate times in the round.
  • Spectators now see possessed props with a glowing outline.
  • The Teleporter's functions have been switched: left mouse now teleports, right mouse marks a spot.
  • Dead bodies can be picked up by their limbs again, and will not fall as easily when carried.

  • Traitors can no longer disarm the C4 of a fellow living Traitor, to prevent stealing of C4 and other griefing.
  • Teleporter can no longer mark in an elevator or on a prop, as it let you get yourself in otherwise unreachable places.

  • Fixed error that prevented Defuser from working.

  • ttt_fretta_mapvoting (def. 0): If fretta_voting is set to 1, then this convar will make the votes only map votes, not gamemode votes. This should make it an easy way of adding map voting without using server plugins. It will start a map vote if players request it or the time/round limit is reached. By setting ttt_always_use_mapcycle 1, reaching the time/round limits will instead switch to the next map in the cycle, so the vote only comes up if players request it.