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Trouble in Terrorist Town v15-05-10

posted May 15, 2010, 2:08 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated May 15, 2010, 2:16 AM ]
Version 15-05-10:

- Improved time display in Haste Mode. Innocents now can't tell when deaths happen by looking at their clock, there's a label to tell you when Haste Mode is on, and some other small tweaks.

- List of kills now also appears on the bodies of non-traitors who killed people.

- Replaced DNA Sampler with the more powerful DNA Scanner:
  • Get DNA samples (eg. from dropped weapons) and hit Scan to find the current location of the player whose DNA it is.
  • DNA Scanner must be fully charged to perform a scan, and if the target is far away it drains more energy and you must wait longer to recharge.
  • Corpses carry a DNA sample of the killer, if the killer was close to the victim when shooting/stabbing. The further away, the faster the DNA sample disappears.
  • The presence of Killer DNA is shown in the body search results, including time until it decays.
  • Can only be bought once per Detective. If he dies/drops it, innocents can use it (and so can traitors!).
  • All in all, Traitors would be wise to exercise more care in what clues they leave behind for Detectives to find.