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Trouble in Terrorist Town v14

posted Sep 25, 2010, 2:03 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 14 has been out for a few days, this post is a bit late. If you run a server, make sure it's fully updated to GMod v101. Changes:

New features
  • C4 menus now let you destroy the bomb to quietly get rid of it. Mainly intended for detectives/innocent who don't want anyone to get their hands on it.
  • Grenades you're about to throw when you die will drop on the ground in armed state, meaning they will still explode.
  • Water now extinguishes players, corpses, etc. If you can get a corpse in water after it's flaregunned, it will not be destroyed.
  • Rearm scripts for nearly all CS:S maps have been updated, fixing some spawnpoints, tweaking some placements, and adding extra weaponry in the form of random weapon spawns.

  • Discombobulator jumping is no longer super-reliable.
  • Discombobulator pushing mechanics have been reworked to be more reliable in normal usage.

  • Fixed exploit where spamming the flashlight could be used to mute your gun sounds. There is now a delay between flashlight toggles.
  • Fixed Lua error on server related to ttt_map_settings outputs.
  • Fixed the round end "continue" vote interfering with a running Fretta gamemode vote.
  • Fixed unspecific message when trying to get a DNA sample of a killer who has disconnected.
  • "Preparation phase began" message is no longer shown in round report, because it was useless.

  • Improved documentation on custom item IDs in equip_item_shd.lua, and increased the number of items the game supports.

  • Auto-bans (karma, namechange) will now use a server admin plugin to perform the ban, if one is detected. Currently ULX and Evolve are auto-detected. You can specify Sourcemod as well, using the ttt_ban_type convar. It defaults to "autodetect", but can be set to "sm" (Sourcemod), "ulx", "evolve", or "gmod" (standard banid).
  • Damagelog now lists detectives properly rather than calling them innocents.