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Trouble in Terrorist Town v10-06-10

posted Jun 10, 2010, 2:26 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Jun 10, 2010, 2:32 AM ]
Version 10-06-10:

- Ragdolls colliding with eachother is now disabled by default to prevent ragdoll-related physics glitching causing lag. Can be re-enabled with ttt_ragdoll_collide (default 0).

- Added (experimental!) new weapons, one for Traitors and one for Detectives:
  * Traitors get the Newton Launcher, a gun that pushes a target with much more force and a longer range than the crowbar. Has a recharge rather than ammo.
  * Detectives get a UMP SMG that slightly shocks a target with each bullet, screwing with their aim.

- When Fretta voting is enabled, TTT now always starts a gamemode vote when the round/time limit is reached (and mapcycle isn't forced on), instead of only starting one when enough players vote for it when the round ends.

- Added proper kill attribution when an attacker pushes his victim into water with leeches that end up killing him.

- Added logging of DNA sample retrieval in the damage log (ie. server logs or ttt_print_damagelog).

- Fixed non-TTT-compatible weapons not being removed when players pick them up.

Trouble in Terrorist Town 10-06-10