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Trouble in Terrorist Town v10

posted Aug 19, 2010, 12:48 AM by Bad King Urgrain
Version 10:

- Fixed error in admin commands when used through RCON.

- Added ttt_credits_alonebonus (default 1), which specifies the number of bonus credits the traitor should get when he's the only traitor that round (when there's less than 8 players).

- Smoke grenade performance (in the FPS sense) has been improved. The number of particles it uses was reduced by 60%, but it should still provide a similar amount of cover for whatever you're doing behind that cloud of smoke.

- Set ttt_detective_hats to 0 by default due to cosmetic glitches.

- Made ttt_traitor_pct convar not auto-notify clients when it's changed. This allows servers to vary it automatically through scripting without players knowing.

Trouble in Terrorist Town v10

This is a small update released purely because of the RCON bug. If you don't use RCON, you don't really need to update, unless you want to of course. Just don't complain to me about the hassle of updating in that case.

You can also pull down these changes from the official gmodgame SVN if that's your preferred method.
Bad King Urgrain,
Aug 19, 2010, 1:03 AM