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Trouble in Terrorist Town v301209

posted Jan 3, 2010, 3:41 AM by Bad King Urgrain   [ updated Jan 4, 2010, 3:19 AM ]

- Added Traitor equipment: Radio
  * When bought, appears as a "weapon" in your inventory. When you have it out, you will look like you are holstered to others.
  * Click to place it somewhere. This will drop the radio in the world, you can carry it around with your magneto. Like C4 without the arming process. Press E on it to pick it up again.
  * Weapon fire will destroy it.
  * In your Traitor Menu, there will be a "Radio" tab with a soundboard.
  * Press a button to make the radio play a sound. The Scream and Explosion ones play a single sound, the various gunshots play a semi-random number of shots that respect the firing rate of the various guns and have a bit of random delay between them to sound more natural. Automatic weapon buttons play them in continuous bursts.
  * You can queue up up to 5 sounds at any one time (to avoid spam). They will play in the order you pressed the buttons in, so you can easily simulate a shotgun kill by first clicking "Shotgun shots" and then "Scream". You do not have to keep the menu open after telling the radio what sounds to play.

- C4 indicator on Traitor HUD now updates if the explosion timer changes because innocents try to disarm it and get a code wrong.

- If Traitor Ted dies because he was too close to the C4 planted by Traitor Todd when it exploded, then Traitor Todd no longer gets points deducted for a teamkill. Instead, it is considered a suicide by Traitor Ted (because he didn't pay attention to the C4 indicator).

- Suiciding by explosion now has its own event log description.

- Prevented switching to first person mode when spectating things that aren't players (props, ragdoll).